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Malls/Commercial Complexes

Malls/Commercial Complexes
Malls/Commercial Complexes

In todayโ€™s ultra-competitive marketplace, safety and security are on top of the minds of all the consumers. Considering the mall security requirements/needs we suggest you the following solutions:

A Good Shopping Experience

Increasing threats and attempts of attack have made people more cautious to visit malls, shopping and commercial complexes/shopping arcades. Give safety and security to your customers with CCTV system, Under Vehicle Search Mirrors, metal detectors for screening the entrants, fire alarm system, security alarm panels, Sensors and X-ray baggage scanner and provide them zero tension shopping experience.

Safeguard Your Premises

From possible theft, break-in, forceful entry and Fire. Choose from our range of Security and Fire alarm panel, Sensors and Detector and Auto Diallers. You can also keep a check on Guards efficiency using our Guard Monitoring systems.

Safeguard Your Entrances/Exits

Safeguard your entrances with Metal Detectors, Employ access control system to ensure that only employees access.

Have Response Method

In case of a security breach or fire, the system should send auto response messages to concerned personnelโ€™s. You can opt for New Generation alarm system- Guard MC+ with CMS and autodialler facility.

Reduce The Possibility Of Losses Caused To Fire

Protect your goods and equipments from fire and damage with our complete range of fire alarm system.

Prevent Internal And External Theft

Have a better control on your assets through, CCTV surveillance and DVRโ€™S for recording purpose.

Central Monitoring Of All Security Equipments

We offer you CCTV systems to monitor mall/ commercial complexes activities from any remote location.

Why choose us:

  • We are the security experts.
  • We bring all the levels of security at one platform

Diamond Media provides all the security and surveillance products under one roof with full integration as per your need and demand.

Contact us today and find out why so many malls/ commercial complexes rely on us for security and surveillance solutions.

There are various solutions available with us. Do write to us atย  admin@diamondmedia.com.ng. Specifications required and we shall be more than keen to service you.

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