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CCTV and Video Surveillance

CCTV and Video Surveillance system will give you peace of mind when you and your family are away from home.

We believe your security system should be easy to use, cost effective and improve the overall operations of your business.

Due to recent improvements in video technology and installation, cctv video surveillance has become more efficient in crime prevention. Installing a CCTV system represents a significant step toward protecting your company personnel and assets.

Employee productivity has also been proven to increase in the presence of cctv security cameras, while theft and “inventory shrinkage” are significantly less present.

We will work with you to determine your company’s cctv surveillance needs to ensure your business is safe, secure and operating to its fullest capability.


Business CCTV Video Surveillance Systems

We’re experts at integrating scalable commercial CCTV video surveillance  systems that meet your needs. Learn how our building security solutions help you safeguard assets, lower costs and more.
Our highly skilled team understands your need to reduce risk, comply with regulatory policies and safeguard your most critical assets. And our ability to install, integrate and service advanced business CCTV security camera systems will help you do just that, in addition to lowering your costs and increasing operational efficiency. 
We are distributor in highly rated and tested cctv security equipment brands in lagos Nigeria. The brands are Hikvision,Dahua,Elco vision,Winpossee and many more excellent brands.
We also sell, supply, install any standard security equipments. We will be glad to have a maintenance agreement with all our clients for effective use and monitoring of the equipment.

                DON’T BE AN EASY TARGET !

CCTV Video Surveillance
CCTV Video Surveillance

CCTV Video surveillance for commerce and industry

CCTV video surveillance makes an invaluable contribution to a well-conceived security concept in the industrial sector. In addition to classic security tasks such as perimeter surveillance and protecting the external shell against vandalism, intrusion and industrial espionage, CCTV video surveillance systems can also be used for process optimization and to increase occupational safety.

cctv Video Surveillance
cctv Video Surveillance


Security for your business

CCTV video surveillance will help you not only if an actual incident occurs, but also as a preventative measure and to solve crimes. Potential intruders are scared off by CCTV video surveillance, which will thwart any crimes in the first place. During critical situations, the CCTV video surveillance  from your camera will allow you to maintain an overview at all times, to take action or coordinate the intervention by security staff.

After an incident has occurred, the video recordings allow you to reconstruct the events quickly and clarify the circumstances.


                   HOME CAMERA SYSTEMS


Homeowners are finding that a CCTV video surveillance system at the house can help protect their property when no one is home. Most CCTV cameras systems on the market today can be viewed over a high-speed network connection via a smart phone, tablet, PC or laptop.
Some systems can even send you a message when it detects movement within the field of view of the camera.


                                       NANNY CAMS

Keep track of the people and things you care about. With a nanny cam system, you will never have to wonder what is going on at home while you are away. If you can log on to the Internet, you can see exactly what’s happening.

Nanny cams are a great way to monitor children with their babysitters and elderly family members.

To find out more about what a home video camera system can do for you call and set an appointment with one of our security professionals.


  • QCS Cloud Video Services
  • HD and Megapixel Cameras
  • Thermal Cameras
  • Night Vision Cameras
  • Long Range Cameras
  • Motion Detection Cameras
  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • Mobile Video Monitoring
  • Access Control System Integration
Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance



CCTV video surveillance
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