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Biometric Time Attendance System Services


Diamond Media & I.T Solutions provide excellent biometric time attendance system solutions that will ensure that you pay your employees for only the hours worked.
Diamond Media & I.T Solutions aims at effective and efficient management of workforce and enhancement of accountability of employees. We are a reliable company in the security and time management industry offering excellent and cost-Effective biometric Attendance System services.
We are committed towards your complete satisfaction. We listen to all the demands, and hence, responding swiftly by installing the perfect biometric time attendance machine in your workplace.


Our services aim at proper management of time and workforce and improvement of accountability and punctuality of employees as well as students at corporate and educational institutes.
Adhering to our commitment of superior-quality, user-friendly and cost-effective services to our customers, we have been successful in winning the trust, hearts and appreciation of our present as well as prospective customers who represent us in the competitive market.

We install and set up a well-designed and reliable biometric, facial and RFID detection products to capture time and attendance of the employees of your company. Also, the products can track the analysis of the working hours, and even management of security. Biometric time attendance systems are capable of access control and management of employee attendance.

Benefits of biometric time attendance system

Accurate Identification and Elimination of β€œBuddy Punching”:
You can achieve high level of accuracy in terms of identification with the help of this system. For instance: if you set the device correctly, you can use biological characteristics such as fingerprints and iris scans in order to update the attendance system.
Biometrics characteristics are unable to be duplicated, which prevents employees from punching in another co-worker when they aren’t in the building.
This will also offer you unique and accurate methods for identifying your employees.


Time Saving and Increased Productivity:
This is one of the most important advantages. Biometric identification is extremely quick. A person can be immediately identified or rejected within a second. This saves employees time, reduces staffing overhead and provides an accurate picture of labor data to the payroll department. This helps to effectively manage the overall business operations and will lead to an increase in productivity.

Improves Employee Accountability
A biometric time attendance system creates verifiable audit trails, thereby creating a workforce management attendance and time system that improves accountability and responsibility. This system is able to accurately identify an employee, which means he or she can be held responsible for frequent tardiness, absenteeism, unscheduled breaks etc. Employees on a biometric system are more likely to be accountable and responsible.


Increased Return on Investment (ROI)
When a company implements the use of a biometric time attendance system, it will help it achieve a positive ROI. This is done by eliminating employee theft, eliminating buddy punching and a number of other problems caused by loopholes and inaccuracies in the older types of attendance and time keeping systems.

Biometric Time Attendance System Services
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Biometric Time Attendance System Services
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Diamond Media & I.T Solutions provide excellent biometric time attendance system solutions that will ensure that you pay your employees for only the hours worked. We offer excellent and cost-Effective biometric Attendance System services. We Located in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria, 08060498353, 08063456676.
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