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Best Security and Safety Tips for Single Women Living Alone

Let’s hear it from strong, smart, independent women making it on their own. Living alone is awesome, but you need to be smart about home security. Here are our best security and safety tips for women living alone.

Schedule Service Visits Carefully

When scheduling service visits and deliveries, single women should go a step further by also arranging for a friend or a family member to be present at those times. Most laborers are trustworthy and professional, but occasional reports of crimes traced to individuals previously dispatched to homes on routine service calls do occur. In order to minimize the risk of a woman living alone being victimized by a similar crime, it is a good idea for her to arrange service visits for times when another trusted adult can also be in the home.

Door Intercom

Repeatedly, we’ve warned about burglars knocking on front doors while posing as salesmen or some other non-threatening stranger. While their goal is to determine whether or not someone is at home, some criminals are not deterred by a woman answering the front door, particularly if he believes that she lives alone. In order to avoid a criminal’s bad intentions in such a scenario, we suggest that every single woman living alone install a video door intercom enabling her to see who is at the door. Some models even allow a woman to communicate with a visitor without even having to physically approach the door. With this type of home security device, a criminal is not able to peer inside or develop a good sense of who else is in the home. Most importantly, however, a thug is not able to strong-arm his way past a woman and forcibly enter her home.

door intercom
Door Intercom

Panic Button

The ability to immediately call for help is priceless. Luckily, wireless panic buttons are also affordable. These clever devices do not require complicated installation instructions, but can be worn on a woman’s person while at home or placed in strategic locations throughout the house in order to allow her to summons help with the simple press of a button any time of the day or night.

Date In Public

A single woman living alone should strictly avoid hosting a first date at home or even allowing a new suitor to pick her up or escort her back to her home address after a date. Instead, the first few meetings should always be in a public, well-lit place until. Doing so will reduce a woman’s risk of being burglarized while she is away from home, as well as significantly reduce the chances of her being victimized by a physical crime inside of her home.

Date in Public

Personal Protection

Women living alone should always keep personal protection items, such as pepper spray, nearby and ready to ward off an attacker. These items should be kept inside of a woman’s purse, as well as next to her bed at night, in her desk while at work and at other key locations that are within her reach throughout the day. Used correctly, these products can cause criminals to flee or, at the very least, temporarily stun an attacker long enough for a woman to make a safe escape.

Door and Window Locks

While it is a given that doors should remain locked at all times, many women are unaware that certain locks can be bumped and, thus, allow criminals unfettered access to a home. Flimsy window locks are also not difficult to pry open. With this in mind, women living alone should either install locks that cannot be bumped or invest in products like the Keypout Lock Bumping/Dead Bolt Protector which prevents locks from being bumped. Pin locks should also be installed on every window frame in a woman’s home, which will prevent windows from sliding open even if factory latches are tampered with.

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Best Security and Safety Tips for Single Women Living Alone
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