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How to Create a Mind-Blowing Instagram Video Adverts.

How to Create a Mind-Blowing Instagram Video Adverts.

How to Create a Mind-Blowing Instagram Video Adverts.

With over 500 million active users per month, and more than 20 billion photos and videos shared, Instagram has become the emerging social media tool in the marketing world.

Are you looking to create more awe-inspiring Instagram videos? How do you plan to “stop the scroll” and get users to click or even read your Instagram video ads?

You can’t just rely on organic content to do all the heavy lifting. That’s why so many brands now try to master Instagram video ads.
With the right direction, your Instagram video ads can successfully inform users, increase the odds of following a call to action and drive users to your landing pages. Before you get started, you have to determine the goal of your video ad strategy
Formulate your objectives first so you can develop your content to meet your needs. Once you know your objective, it’s time to create some Instagram videos users will love. How do you do that? Here are Instagram video ads tips that will help get your audience to engage with your content:

1. Make your video ads as short as humanly possible
Obviously , people’s attention spans are short. Some say they’ve shrunk to 8 seconds; others think we have become more spacey than goldfish.

Although the current format for Facebook and Instagram video ads is 60 seconds, for a lot of people that’s still too long.

People stop watching online videos just seconds in. Longer videos lose people faster, but no video is immune. A large portion of peopleise generally going to stop watching your video halfway-through or even less.

2 Post videos worth watching
Instagram gives you the unique chance to tell great stories through visual content. Instagram videos are highly effective at telling your brand’s story within 60 seconds. Storytelling is an amazing way to market your brand and create engaging images or videos.

Get creative when it comes to standard marketing techniques by showcasing your brand or services in a new light. This isn’t to say you need to completely rebrand yourself, but instead, try to show your brand’s versatility.

The best way to make your product stand out from the competition is to create animated explainer videos because animation is the best when you have to explain complexity in a short period of time. Considering you have a small budget, these videos are low cost when compared to live action videos, so for all the startups out there this is a must try startup strategy.

How to Create a Mind-Blowing Instagram Video Adverts.
How to Create a Mind-Blowing Instagram Video Adverts.

3 Blend Ad Content Organically Into User’s Feeds

With nearly 8 million Instagram business profiles, brands are striving to be seen and followed. Discovery is a big part to Instagram branding and many turn to advertisements. Now that video has emerged, it’s essential for brands to blend ad content into feeds for a natural feel.

4 Make the first seconds count.
Instagram users quickly scroll through their feeds, so brands need to make video ads that compel users to stop.
Make sure that the first second of your video has enough movement that, with the sound off, viewers know immediately that it’s a video and not a still image. If the first few seconds are so subtle that it appears to be an image, they’ll scroll right by without realizing they missed anything,

5 Add text.
Because Instagram audio is muted by default.Create dynamic text effects to highlight main points that you wouldn’t want any viewer to miss.A few short captions in the video will help pique your audience’s interest so that they watch the entire video and even end up playing the sound later on.Too much text, however, can be overwhelming for the viewer and make the video seem cluttered

6 Focus on a Single Theme or Topic
Let’s be real–the last thing you want to do is overwhelm your audience with ads pointing to brand awareness, shopping details, buy-now options and product education all in one video. The fastest way to get people to scroll past your ad is by over promoting your content.
Like we just mentioned, organically fitting into a feed is critical, but how can you do it? Try focusing on a single theme for your Instagram video ads.

How to Create a Mind-Blowing Instagram Video Adverts.
How to Create a Mind-Blowing Instagram Video Adverts.

7 Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages.
With more than 700 million Instagram users and 35% saying they go to the app multiple times a day, you have to be mobile-friendly. If you’re starting an Instagram ad campaign, it’s in your best interest to create a mobile user experience throughout.
Not only do your Instagram video ads have to look good on smartphones, but so do the landing pages you link to. It’s essential to your ad campaign to optimize your landing pages for mobile traffic. Mobile links are so important because video ads own a 1.84% click-through rate, which is the highest average among other ad mediums. That shows just how much you need to be mobile ready on Instagram.
Currently, the vast majority of traffic comes from mobile and even Instagram’s web platform doesn’t support any sort of advertising. This means mobile is king for Instagram so ensure your funnel is as mobile-friendly as possible.

8 Solve a problem.
Instagram video ads should identify a problem and show how a particular product or service solves it.
By identifying a problem your potential customers have, you’re creating an emotional bond with them, so they’re already intrigued with what you have to offer.
Once you’ve got them hooked, show them how your product or service solves that problem.

9 Engage With Your Audience
A big mistake so many brands make with Instagram ads is publishing and walking away. Just like organic content, there shouldn’t be any time to sit back and relax. Instead, you need to watch comments, track engagement and be ready to answer questions in real time.

Several brands don’t interact with customers on ads and simply leave it to the post or landing page. Instead, it’s critical to monitor your Instagram ad comments to further engage your audience. The more you engage with your followers, the better experience they will encounter–ultimately leading to a better chance at sales.

10 Add a clear call to action.
You should always simplify your call-to-action as much as possible. Instead of sending them from your video to your profile to a landing page, try incorporating the ‘learn more’ on your video advertisement and complete your entire message within the video advert. This will encourage interested viewers to learn more on your website, rather than have to go searching for your call-to-action.

How to Create a Mind-Blowing Instagram Video Adverts.
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