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How to Prevent Employee Theft

Most organizations are vulnerable to embezzlement from a dishonest employee. A retail establishment is especially vulnerable because of the high volume of cash passing through the business.As the saying goes, “Cash is king,” and wherever there is cash, there is a risk of embezzlement.

Investigation have proven that one-third of business failures are a direct result of employee stealing. They also said that three out of four employees take something from their companies’ property, and that 50% of them do this repetitively.

It is more difficult for a company to detect intellectual property stealing from an insider than from a non-employee as insiders are given legitimate access to corporate files and possessions. Different factors like greed or an employee’s desperate need for money, personal problems, behavioral issues or the compulsion to retaliate to the company help influence stealing of physical and intellectual property in the workplace.


How to Prevent Employee Theft
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